After Care 

  • From the first day NO water on the brows or eyes; no sun, sweating, exercise of any kind prior to the procedure or after the procedure for a minimum of 2 weeks.

  • Absolutely no sun 30 days prior or after the procedure. Kendall will not be held responsible for the damage caused to the brows by sun exposure during this time.

  • Any sun exposure will exfoliate taking colour with it as it fades & it will also heal the pigment darker than expected.

  • Tanned skin bleeds and can heal darker than expected. 

  • Do not exercise on the day of the procedure; your pores will expand when perspiring.

  • It is recommended not to sweat for the first 14 days after the procedure. Sweat is salt and WILL prematurely fade, blur or cause the pigment not to take at all.  

  • Avoid direct shower water on the treated area after the procedure.

  • No water, makeup, lotions, pencils....etc. for 14 days after the procedure.

  • Avoid scrubbing the treated area for at least 1 month.

  • Avoid sleeping on your front during the first 2 weeks after the procedure.

  • Dark skin types please note that your permanent makeup will not appear as bold as lighter skin.

  • (Indian, African American, Filipino, etc.) skin will look more solid/powdered due to having a darker skin colour in the background.


  • No swimming until the area is completely healed (2-4 weeks), salt water/chlorine WILL cause the pigments to fade or change in colour.  It is recommended to apply the Vaseline to the treated area/s prior to swimming even after healed to prevent the chlorine water/salt water from affecting the area.

  • Always wash your hands before you touch the area.

  • Do not scratch or pick off the area. Let any scabbing, flaking or dry skin naturally exfoliate off. Picking can cause scarring or infection.

  • If you get your eyebrows waxed or tinted, It is recommended to wait at least 10 days to have them waxed & 30 days for tinting after the procedure.

  • Regular makeup can be worn immediately after your procedure, just not on the treated area until healed.

  • You can begin applying the Grape seed Oil/ A&D Ointment after 72 hours to the eyebrows, a thin layer for the remaining 4-10 days.  

  • Vaseline to be used only when you shower then gently wipe off afterwards.  If you can, take a shower without getting your face wet.

  • The eyebrows WILL appear bolder immediately after the procedure.  This is common in all Semi Permanent will begin to soften up typically within 10-30 days.

  • Hair strokes WILL appear crisp and bold at first, but WILL soften up in appearance as the tissue heals. The area will shed taking some colour with it...this is normal.

  • It is very common to have areas fade more so than others, this is part of the healing process and will be treated at the top up appointment. Previously done eyebrows may take 2 treatments to achieve the desired result.  

  • Red heads, blonds & fair skin types WILL experience more swelling, redness and fading than darker skin types.

  • Clients with darker skin (Indian, African American, Filipino, etc.), Please know that the Hair Strokes WILL NOT appear as defined or as dark as lighter skin types due to the skin colour already being naturally darker.. 

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